About us

We provide the best solutions for retail projects in Iran. Echelle focuses on real estate retail. Echelle has a team of professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to perform shopping center management services in the best way. Echelle is a provider of world-class, quality and affordable services. At Echelle, we are involved in all aspects of shopping center operation management, including shopping center feasibility, shopping center conceptualization (architecture and interior design), shopping center branding, shopping center rental management, shopping center showcase management, and center reorientation management. We have provided shopping and other shopping center management services together with a collection of the best. Our advantage is extensive experience in the field of retail sales and operation of shopping centers. By adhering to a set of standard values, we guarantee your long-term success. We seek to discover a way to align our vision with that of your collection.

Echelle's work values


For Echelle, the most important thing is to carry out all activities and business processes and relationships within the framework of ethical rules.

Quality management

Our responsibility for quality includes employee management and company culture as a whole, not just business activities.


We attach great importance to building relationships based on mutual respect with our employees, institutions and investors.

Environment and Human

We believe that respect for the environment and people is one of the most important and fundamental things that must be respected in any situation.

Life Quality

Aware of our responsibilities, we support business-related lives by investing in knowledge and research.

People Oriented Approach

We believe that people-oriented approach is one of the basic factors of quality control and customer satisfaction.