Development Management

Development management or organizational development management is a process in which strategies and activities related to the growth, development and evolution of the organization are carried out. The main goal of development management is to increase the performance and business of the organization and it intends to guide the organization towards its goals and roadmap.

Development management includes the following:

Analysis and review: In this stage, the internal and external environment of the organization is analyzed. This includes examining the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats, analyzing competitors and the market, and determining the conditions and success factors.

Determining the strategy: In this stage, development and growth strategies for the organization are determined. This includes determining the organization’s macro goals, determining marketing strategies, financial strategies, operational strategies, and human resource strategies.

Planning and implementation: In this stage, operational and implementation plans are prepared to realize the strategies. It includes planning of projects and activities, allocation of resources and scheduling, implementation and control of projects.

Management of change and transformation: Management of development requires change and transformation. In this stage, the processes of change management, promotion of organizational culture, training and preparation of employees for changes and motivation to participate in the development process are implemented.

Measurement and evaluation: In this stage, the organization’s performance and progress are measured and evaluated in line with development strategies and goals. This includes the use of performance indicators and measures, evaluation of projects and programs, customer feedback and data analysis.