Citadium Urmia

سیتادیوم ارومیه

Citadium is the only chain entertainment center in Iran’s big cities. The purpose of launching this collection is to create a good feeling and a modern experience of shopping combined with fun and being in a lively social atmosphere for families. This complex also brings a level of international standards of shopping centers to its audience due to its integrated management and specialized approach to operation. By looking at successful global experiences in the design, construction and operation of shopping centers and by using the experiences of experts in various fields related to this industry, Citadium has been able to create a modern and unique concept in the country’s retail industry and provide a variety of facilities.

Citadium’s experienced team has prepared special programs for the settlement of Iran, the development of cities and the peace of the Iranian family during the design, construction, commissioning and operation. The first branch of this complex has been put into operation in Urmia city.

It should be noted that the second branch of Citadium in Rasht is Shahr Baran. Of course, this branch is not yet fully operational and is still under construction.

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