Palladium Shopping Center


Palladium Shopping Center is one of the largest and most famous shopping centers in Tehran, Iran. This shopping center is located in the northern area of Tehran, on Fatemi Street and is easily accessible. With an area of over 60,000 square meters and over 250 stores, Palladium is a popular destination for shoppers and visitors.

This shopping center has a modern and diverse design of stores and famous brands that offer a variety of products and services to suit different segments of society. Clothing stores, shoes, home appliances, cosmetics, jewelry, sports equipment, bookstores and cinema are among the activities in this shopping center.

Due to the large area and variety of stores, Palladium is a suitable place to buy goods and take care of daily needs. Also, this shopping center has various amenities and services such as restaurants, coffee shops, food halls and a large parking lot.

Palladium is known as a popular shopping center in Tehran with a combination of modern design, pleasant environment and superior service. Due to the mechanization and variety of stores, this shopping center is suitable for entertainment, shopping and entertainment of many people.

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